Princess Anne Hunt became a recognized hunt in 1937 by the Masters of Fox Hound Association. Like many other hunts during the course of the following years, Princess Anne Hunt has gone through periods of dormancy then establishment, and our location have also changed due to encroaching development. Today, through kindness and generosity of our landowners, Princess Anne Hunt is privileged to hunt in Charles City County, along the James River, its beautiful plantations and surrounding historical farmlands in addition to James City, New Kent, Surry, Henrico, Hanover and Prince George, counties.  We maintain, through the continual dedication of our Joint Masters and the watchful eye of the Huntsman, a pack of Cross-bred Foxhounds kenneled in Charles City County.  Hunting season begins the last Saturday in October at Opening Meet with the traditional Blessing of the Hounds, and concludes in early March. Stirrup Cup and Hunt Breakfast are an integral part of our meets. We have Three flights to match all riding levels: first flight, second flight (a slightly slower pace) and a mounted hill topper flight (walk, trot).

Membership in the Hunt is by invitation. Prospective members must hunt and/or attend social events and be proposed to the Board of Directors by at least two current voting members.  Princess Anne Hunt offers several membership levels: Family, Single, Non-Resident, and Hunt Supporter. To encourage and foster the younger enthusiasts of foxhunting, Junior memberships are available. 

We adhere to the traditions of fox hunting as described in Riding to Hounds In America by William P. Wadsworth. We hunt fox with hounds and follow hounds on horseback, because it is a purposeful, fun and traditional winter sport. We are privileged to hunt such beautiful territory because of the generosity of the landowners over whose farms we ride. It is with respect to the landowners and a credit to the sport that we dress in traditional attire. 

Hunt Season
PAH Cubbing Season is from late September through mid - October. Our official Hunt Season is from late October through mid March. The Hunt goes out two days a week, currently Wednesdays and Saturdays (Sundays during deer season). In addition to the hunts, there are many other hunt-related horse activities that take place throughout the year. 

"Hunt colors" are awarded by the PAH Masters of Foxhounds, at their pleasure, to members who hunt regularly, have a keen interest in hounds and hunting,  and have demonstrated that they are an asset to the Hunt. Our colors consist of a Green collar, canary vest, and buttons engraved with the letters "PAH." Our current Masters award colors at our season’s closing hunt.